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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  June 12, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. they warn protesters camped out to leave immediately. inside the syrian capital residents struggle to hang onto a normal life. >> it is peaceful enough to still play. >> welcome to little it c.o.p. up -- little ethiopia.
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a quarter of a million call washington, dc their home. welcome to our viewers. the turkish government has told protesters they must leave immediately or face the police. they want the government's plan -- it was the government planned to turn the green space into a shopping mall that prompted demonstrations. >> the demonstrators were back in taksim square. ,t looks like the old turkey
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but one of the protesters said the country has new rules now. of all theupport people, not just the ruling party. taksimds reoccupied square. they may be changing the country, but the prime minister wants to do things his way. he told a meeting this business must he concluded by tomorrow. the government told protesters heartar the square and that the joints it, but no one was going home. >> without freedom we do not have anything erie get freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of everything. >> in ankara, the prime minister met a delegation from istanbul.
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he offered them a referendum for the plan to build in the park. this shows the protest is about much more than that now. the country's and the anger of those who did not vote for the prime minister. the split in the country is deepening. hasprime minister andctively given the people ultimatum. they have to go home, or the police are going to move in, and behind the square thousands are waiting, talking endlessly about mood topens next, in no
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bow to the prime minister's authority. night inr tense turkey. a short time ago i spoke to our correspondent in istanbul for the latest. the government has offered the prospect of a referendum on the future of the park. do you think that is going to satisfy protesters? >> the government spokesman made a press conference, and he said they could take this issue to be taken to an istanbul-wide referendum. i have been checking with the protesters in relation with this proposal from the government, and there are mixed feelings. some are welcoming, and some are not trusting the government.
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we will see how this affects the movement or resistance on the ground. tonight there are still hundreds ked in the square, but compared to how it was yesterday, it was maybe half that, but the government has said of the protesters do not leave they will face the police. people in istanbul think there could be more violence. the prime minister gave a of 24 hours earlier in to day to the protesters leave immediately, and there are more than 20 opposition mps campaign to prevent such an intervention taking place.
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people are chanting. andywhere is resistance, that feeling of resistance is still valid amongst protesters, so we will need to see how the proposal of referendum will change the movement on the ground. hear chanting behind you. the government has offered a concession. the big question is whether going to leave the park or whether there will be more violence. must be prepared to do more on theory a. -- on syria. our international correspondent has a rare look at daily life in
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the capital of damascus. >> and parts of damascus it is easy to forget there is a war. it is sot is why packed with so much has been destroyed. syrians hold onto a much loved tradition. in making ice cream since 1895. they are using the same secret recipe for three generations. real cherries are too expensive now. >> we are still working. >> in some neighborhoods other summer rituals go on as well, relief that one more exam is out of the way for these high school
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students. in syria one in five schools is shut. the answer in unison, not at all. they bank their army and president for keeping them safe. normal life here is no longer normal. people have had to find ways to live with war. no one flinches. they hear it night and day. just two streets away there is
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no life at all. it is now a battleground. the government response with overwhelming force. imagine how many people live here. they are all gone. the lucky ones find shelter and even a special place for children. the center is one of a handful run by unicef. it is a way to restore the joys of childhood. still wears her sadness.
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the family fled two years ago. good but very bad, she says. i asked her if there were problems. she says.roblems even in parts of damascus where it is peaceful enough to still play, war is ever present. they are going to be asked to write what they will do when they are older. the children wrote, we just want to go out. she wants every detail to be just perfect. she has written, i want to go but she knowse,
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she has no home to go to anymore. she is just one of the many thousands of syrians forced from her home. what to do is high on the agenda. the british foreign secretary william hague spoke this morning. the diplomatic but we willeneva, have to be prepared to do more, to pressure the assad regime to negotiate, and to prevent the growth of extremist and -- extremism and terrorism if we are to exceed -- succeed. >> we heard william hague say
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the international community is going to have to be prepared to do more. wants to know whether the international community is edging towards arming the rebels in an effort to bring this to a conclusion. they were very coy about telling us. there was very little clarity about what happens next. the aaid there must diplomatic solution. i thought he was very careful about not backing them militarily. ,> just listening to the tone it was pretty different, wasn't it?
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>> there is a sharp edge to the outrage about what was unfolding. kerry wasjohn slightly more moderate in his views and still believes there is a way of getting opposition forces to sit down in geneva and hammer out an internationally brokered agreement. we know from sunday that william hague is not believe that is possible anymore, particularly when you look at what is happening on the ground. the military tied perhaps maybe and i think the window of the can -- of the negotiating table is shrinking very fast. the question is who, what, and
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when. >> the former cia employee who leaked information about secret surveillance operations says he efforts toght extradite in hong kong. of the agency says the data has disrupt did terror terror-- has disrupted plots. nelson mandela is responding to treatment for lung infection. his family says they are deeply ofched by the outpouring support of people who wish them well. the ohio man accused of holding girls captive has pled not
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guilty. prosecutors are deciding whether to seek the death penalty. at the closer of the natural broadcaster. several tv stations went off air. the government says it is a cost-cutting move. if your flight goes through france, you might want to pack a book. leaves thousands of cancellations. cleaning, cooking, gardening, caring for the very young or the very old. sayseading labor body millions of children are doing these jobs daily, most under
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unfair working conditions verging on slavery. , fetchingg, cooking they believe 10 and a half million children are doing these jobs daily. most of them are sent to the homes of other families, where they are treated not as children, but as slaves. >> we have countries revising legislation to address this, because it has to be understood
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domestic work is an area of work. it should not the excluded from inspection. although many countries are beginning to tackle the problem with reach raining and school projects -- with reach raining and school budgets, regulating the work will not easy. it is almost hidden nature. the fact that it takes place in homes leaves children vulnerable. they want international regulations to prevent child domestic labor and to protect millions of children from the exploitation that has been virtually ignored for far too long. >> if you have to travel in , good luck.week
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you will need patience, especially if you are going to terrace. thousands of flights have been canceled after a walkout. travelers are paying the price. from paris, christian fraser reports. >> disruption and plenty of cancellations. in paris, it is not the chaos we might have expected. the french have prepared for this strike. in total 1800 flights were cut today. some passengers were caught out the regard -- caught out. for those traveling from the uk this afternoon, a similarly depressing story. >> we are in the hands of the
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guys who look after the airspace. it has been disrupted is totally unfair. >> air traffic controllers protesting against the plan for a single european sky. they want the 27 member states .o collaborate the chances are if you have flown from europe to the uk recently, your flight path looks something like this. less waste. say currently it is too fragmented. it means the average flight travels 22 miles further than they need to. the number of flights will grow by 50% over the next 20 years. brussels already coordinates flows across europe and member
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countries. they do object to new plans at privatization. without those systems we cannot be able to deliver a service that is efficient. >> selling off these services would require the approval of of eachte area did -- state. it could be an ugly summer. the unions warn of strikes. living in washington, dc, we are surrounded by cultural diversity. people come from all over the world to visit. among them, easy opens called this home. many came when the civil war caused them to flee, and they stayed, establishing their own
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restaurants and businesses. ofliam has reached an area washington known as little ethiopia. the washington metropolitan area is home to the largest outside themmunity country. many are refugees fleeing political stability. this taxi driver was one of them. he says a few city blocks mark and enclave somewhat like to call little ethiopia -- some would like to call little ethiopia. they build a lot of restaurants, community centers. >> the inside of a typical restaurant in this neighborhood could be mistaken for any. . we shareot only food ,nformation about business
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social values, so it really is important. >> a traditional singer brings back the memories of the country long left behind. he and his wife also published a book. >> whatever they need they are using for information. >> this is a good example of the size and complexity. .e came to america 20 years ago the community is now divided.
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they downplay it the divide. >> we do not have a problem. they go to the restaurant. we are family. her family brought her to the restaurant when she was a child. her clientele is diverse. >> this is a small family .usiness >> she says she grew up mixing traditions with western culture. >> you try to combine them and get the balance. that is what we have done.
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>> the new look will be one of integration with washington's diverse population. is true. take a taxi in washington, and the chances are you will drive little ethiopia. an australian swimmer is hoping to become the first to swim between cuba and the u.s. without a protective cave. the treacherous body of water known as the florida straits is the holy grail of swimmers. as well as sharks she is going to have to put up with stinging .ellyfish it is going to be a 60 hour journey. she is making the attempt not only to set the record but for personal reasons.
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.hat brings the show to a close you are watching bbc world news. if you check out the local listings you will find them. thanks for watching. i will see you tomorrow. >> make sense of international news -- at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide
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